Our stars

Meet our equestrian companions

Welcome to a world where harmony between man and nature comes to life through our faithful partners – horses. Each of our beautiful frames brings their own personality, unique charm and inspiring energy through each of our adventures.

Natural elegance

Our horses are not just pets, but essential members of our team. Each horse is carefully selected for its gentleness, strength and ability to explore the varied terrain of our magnificent region. Their graceful movements and calming presence will instantly make you feel connected to nature.

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When you ride one of our horses, you enter into a relationship of mutual trust. Our experienced guides will teach you the basics of communication, allowing you to forge a powerful bond throughout your adventure. You will discover that each horse has its own personality, intriguing characteristics and a story all its own.

Our adorable giants

Allow us to introduce you to our extraordinary partners, always ready to guide you on an exceptional adventure!


Nicknamed the Gentle Giant, Jay is the largest horse in the herd. Used to pull the sled in winter, Jay worked in a sugar bush before coming here. He knows the ropes of the profession well, which makes him an excellent mentor for Éva. Can be a little shy around new people, but remains a very curious horse.


A former beauty competition mare, Éva is now a machine when it comes to work. Always graceful in her movements and gaits, she and her partner Jay are the fastest sledders on the ranch. Being a young mare, Éva gains experience alongside Jay. She can sometimes be awkward with her long legs.


Black Percheron, Gambler and his brother North are undoubtedly the team that flashes the most at work. Being still a young team, they have a lot of energy to spare. Gambler is very cuddly and always looking to get scratches.


Paired with his brother Gambler, North is the shyer of the two. Having grown up together, these brothers are almost inseparable! It won’t be surprising to see them bickering, like two young brothers in moments of rest!


Lady is probably the Belgian mare with the most intriguing coat in the herd. Its large and healthy size gives it a major advantage for pulling sleds in winter. Being paired with Tom in the carriage, their opposite dresses give them a funny look! She loves taking naps in the fields when the sun comes out from behind the mountain and you can even hear her snoring.


Having the most beautiful look in the herd, Tom is always surrounded by mares when he is in the fields. Being a very quiet and calm horse, this black Percheron makes the perfect pair with lady (both like to take their time).


Sunny is the first mare to arrive at the ranch. This beautiful bay-colored Canadian mare is the perfect mare for stressed people or beginners. Sunny is gentle and calm in all circumstances. Having a lot of experience, she teaches young horses the basics of hiking. You will often see her accompanied in the fields by Félix and Jack. Like any good Canadian horse, she can be greedy on trails and likes clementines. Watch your snacks because she might steal them.


Bailey is one of the first mares that were acquired by the Montagnards. This chestnut mare can do both driving and hiking. Always accompanied by her faithful friend Pomme, this inseparable duo are the most mothers, always monitoring what is happening on the ranch.


Rosy is the oldest mare in the herd! She loves rolling in the dirt and mud to hide her beautiful white dress. Despite her venerable age, Rosy is still the fastest galloping mare in the herd and she knows how to show the younger horses what speed is.


Dream is an excellent trail horse. Very gentle and calm with humans, he is the perfect horse for beginners. Dream is part of the old boys’ club made up of Tyson and Ziguane with whom he eats. If you look at him in the fields, you notice that he is always watching from afar what is happening, half-hidden behind the shelter.


Under these tough traits, this Belgian and Percheron cross mare is simply asking for a little affection. We can find her with her inseparable Bailey who follows her wherever she goes. Due to her strong character, Pomme is the most respected mare in the herd. When hiking, she likes to take her time, that is to say she walks slowly, but consistently. She has the habit of coming to smell her rider’s feet and likes to take breaks to admire the landscape.


Stella is a gray mare with a somewhat unusual coat. She loves taking the foals who arrive at a young age under her wing like a surrogate mother. Almost as fast as Rosy, Stella loves galloping and guiding trails and is part of Tom’s mare-loving circle.


We have known Felix since he was very young. A bay Canadian horse charging forward, he is always glued to Sunny and chases anyone who wants to approach him. He is currently part of the next generation with his fellow heists, Gallant and Jack. Félix has a strong personality and does not hesitate to ask for attention. He likes to rub against the door and loves to be petted. He will not hesitate to show it to you when you are in the right place!


Gallant is always there when it comes to mischief with his clown gang made up of Félix and Jack, this Canadian horse always wants to be the center of attention. Gallant is probably the only horse capable of blending in with any group of horses in the field and eating with them all. When he finishes his bowl of feed, he likes to take it in his mouth and toss it to us.


Peach with her red dress is a little less boastful than her friend Luna, but can be playful at times. Pêche is always up for going hiking and can’t wait. When her friends Tom and Luna go hiking, she stays by the door to wait for them to return. A former show jumping mare, Pêche is adapting well to her new career.


Luna is probably the mare that most represents the collective imagination of freedom with her white and brown coat. Luna has an extravagant personality and loves to strut her stuff. She is very protective of her bubble against other horses as well as her best friend Peach. However, she adores Tom the Percheron.


A great Canadian, Tyson is without a doubt the greediest horse in the herd. With his many years of experience as a trail horse, he quickly knows how to adapt to each new person. He is a member of the old boys’ club alongside Dream and Ziguane. Tyson is not the fastest, but he knows how to surprise with his bouncy gaits for those who have the chance to trot and gallop with him.


Canadian mare with Thoroughbred grandparents, Mercedes likes to be the leader of the trio she forms with Goliath and Porthos. Having a lot of hiking experience, she never hesitates to take the lead, even on the most difficult passages. Despite its rapid and determined pace, Mercedes will be able to give confidence to even the most nervous from the first moments.


Small Quarter Horse, Goliath knows how to charm with his beautiful blue eyes. His many years of hiking experience make him a good partner to trust. Formerly shared with Mercedes and Porthos, he very quickly adapted to life in a large herd.


Being among the elders of the herd, this little Quarter Horse never hesitates to protect his two allies Mercedes and Goliath, even against horses twice his size. He is often found near shelters getting his belly roasted, but despite his more relaxed habits, he does not hesitate to show his little character when necessary.


With his beautiful brown eyes and his degraded toupee, Ziguane embodies the quiet strength of the Canadian. A little engine who doesn’t shy away from work, he’s the least grumpy of the old boys’ club. Like his Canadian peers, he is very greedy and always comes to beg for feed near the fence when it is not his turn.


A young Canadian mare, Ilona already demonstrates an exemplary temperament to become a first-class trail horse. Very curious, she is the first to come and see all the new elements that enter the enclosure, whether it is the wheelbarrow, the four-wheeler or the tractor and she will not hesitate to come and check (with her teeth), if it wasn’t more like food. Interestingly, Ilona was born to a surrogate mother following an embryo transfer.


Being among the youngest in the herd, Raven is part of our next generation as a trail horse. Despite her small size, this determined mare is ready to take on any challenge. Quarter Horse from a Reining line, this little rocket would even have the potential to dethrone Rosy in the title of the fastest… to be continued.


Very clumsy, this young Belgian mare does not seem at all aware of her immense size. Always getting involved or putting her feet where she shouldn’t, she often found herself in funny situations. She is part of our replacement for the saddle, but also in the harness to pull our sleds accompanied by Rebelle, an experienced mare.


The youngest horse in the herd, Jack is our future Canadian breeding stallion. He spends most of his time trying to win the heart of the beautiful Raven, playing with his friend Gallant, getting into mischief with his accomplice Félix or even taking a nap cuddled up against his adoptive mother Sunny.


With her look like Angus in the Disney film Rebelle, this mare with a big, tender heart will make you melt. A former surrogate mother, Rebelle is now getting used to her new life on the ranch. You will be lucky enough to perhaps have it in the team or while hiking.

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